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Energy Management

QUANTUM CONSULTING, INC. has developed a facility performance “toolkit” targeted directly at the needs of the small to medium segment. This “toolkit,” developed over the course of time and substantial investment, will be applied to this Project. The “toolkit” uses stateof- the-art, real-time process modeling, optimization and control technologies, overlaid with a deep understanding of wastewater microbiology. In addition to the toolkit, we provide energy management education for operators that would otherwise not receive it. To be clear similar toolkits are generally out of reach to small and medium
size facilities, primarily due to budgeting constraints.
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Energy Saving

Facilities that are designed for flow rates of 4 million gallons per day, will operate at such rates even if current flow rates are half that. Without accurate monitoring and controls, facilities will consume energy at rate based upon their capacity, not current flow rates. While many facilities have the necessary monitoring and control capabilities to manage their energy consumption, these are generally urban or suburban facilities. These control and monitoring systems are rare in small to medium rural communities – communities that need to operate their facilities for today’s needs, not those in 20 years. To restate, the foundation of this project rests on two primary facts in the wastewater industry, particularly true for small to medium facilities;

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Quantum Consulting and MWRP

Quantum Consulting and BacGen Technologies (Team) are proposing the MWRP as an opportunity to achieve significant energy savings, with significant demand reduction, while leveraging investments already made by PG&E and The California Energy Commission. The MWRP has been successfully implemented in four facilities in the Central Valley of California, with an additional four facilities expected by March 2002. On an annual basis, we expect energy savings of approximately 40 percent from a program directed at demand reduction – demand reduction is expected to be more than 50 percent during the peak hours of Noon to 8:00 PM.2 These reductions are significant and likely unmatched by other options for the same price.
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While the wastewater industry can be complicated, the MWRP is predicated on two simple points:

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Wastewater Retro-commissioning Project

The Municipal Wastewater Retro-commissioning Project (MWRP) is focused on increasing energy efficiency in the rural wastewater sector. The MWRP works closely with local
governments in small communities primarily in California’s Central Valley. While MWRP has been successful in moving the program forward in PG&E’s service territory, we have been
unable to gain funding for complete installations in Southern California Edison’s (Edison) territory. For this reason we seek funding to bring the MWRP to rural communities in Edison’s
territory. Using the CPUC’s program definitions, MWRP can be described as follows. Read more…

Quantum Consulting

Quantum Consulting is focused on providing the highest quality information to the energy industry, assisting them in designing, implementing and evaluating energy efficiency programs. We provide our clients with valuable direct feedback on how well they’re doing in designing programs and products that customers need and want, in delivering programs efficiently and effectively, and in increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
QC’s core competency is market assessment and evaluation. Since our inception, we have been providing the nation’s major utilities with defensible studies, helping them to achieve maximum shareholder earnings. QC’s approach to market assessments and evaluations reflects our belief that the key to enhancing program performance relies on in-depth understanding of the environments in which energy related decisions are made.
QC’s engineering staff brings critical knowledge of the mechanical and thermodynamic properties of energy efficient technologies to support our clients’ program goals. Whether through metering, program design, evaluation or load profiling our engineering simulation models and data analysis yield information that we incorporate into our recommendations for enhancing program activity. Read more…

Wastewater Retrocommissioning

Quantum Consulting and its technology partner, BacGen Technologies, are currently implementing two optimization or ‘retro-commissioning’ programs for municipal wastewater treatment facilities (WWTFs) in California. The goal of these programs is to achieve significant energy savings and demand reduction at these facilities. In general, WWTF ‘retro-commissioning’ is fairly simple and is predicated on two points: Read more…

Program Design

Our experts have assisted numerous utilities and program administrators in designing and planning energy-efficiency and demand-response programs throughout North America. Our best practice program designs have resulted in design enhancements that substantially increased the productivity and cost effectiveness of programs. We have, for example, performed multi-year, multi-million dollar market and technology assessment activities that have led to the design and planning of successful residential and commercial sector programs and assisted in the design of industrial customer programs. You can see at our site energy-efficiency best practices, to see how we established a comprehensive structure for assessing and communicating best practices to help meets todays complex program design challenges.

Impact and Market Effects Evaluation

QC’s comprehensive impact evaluations provide our clients with accurate, timely estimates of energy (kWh and therms) and demand (kW) savings associated with their energy-efficiency and demand response programs. Our staff has evaluated hundreds of energy-efficiency and demand-response programs within California, the Northwest, New England, Florida, Hawaii, and beyond. Our measurements are widely recognized as being valid and valuable. Many of QC’s impact evaluations for our California clients were required as part of their Annual Earnings Assessment Proceedings (AEAP), and their earning mechanism was based entirely on the results of these studies. QC’s findings were closely scrutinized by contractors that were hired by the California Public Utility Commissions Office of Ratepayer Advocates and found to be of the highest quality in California. Read more…

Senior Engineer At QC

The ideal candidate for this position will be a hands-on individual who seeks a balance between analytical and report writing tasks and engineering fieldwork. If you are an energy efficiency generalist with a good working knowledge of HVAC/lighting systems and commercial/industrial building controls, this may be the right position for you.

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